The Children's Club was founded in 1947 by Mrs. Savitri Srinivasan and Mrs. Pattu Balagopal and was developed as a place for children in the neighbourhood to gather together and play. Since inception the club promoted the concept of play for the sake of play and as the UN Charter states, play as a "mode of being rather than an activity".

Children's Club is a registered society run over the years by dedicated volunteers, many of them alumni of the club. Over the past 60 years, the club has been a hub of sports and art activities for hundreds of children. It also hosts Annual Inter – School & Open competitions in Music, Art, Recitation, Story Telling, Drama and Folk Music. The club has a building that includes rooms for activities, an auditorium and an open playground. The location, availability of space, and volunteers are the primary strengths of the club.

Children's Club is not a high profile academy but a fun place for children to play and enjoy. The club, at present, has about 80 registered members (children) and the numbers are growing every month. The club provides coaching in Table Tennis, Shuttle, Chess, Art and Theatre.

It is our dream to establish a space for children where they can play without inhibitions, a space that is both safe and nourishing to explore their interests.

Over the years, the club has been steered by able members of the society and those who have left their indelible mark on the club include Mrs. Pattu Balagopal, Mrs. Savitri Srinivasan, Mr. M. Narayanaswamy, Mr. V.L.N. Chari, Justice P. Rajagopalan, Mr. S. Narayanaswamy and Mr. A. Sivasailam. Mr. T.R. Venkatarama Sastri was the first patron of the society and guided it in the formative years.

Please click here to download the lyrics for our club song.

The election for the Managing Committee for the period September 2018 – September 2020 was held and the following office-bearers and committee members were duly elected:

Managing Committee

  • Sri. K. Mahalingam : President
  • Smt. Tara Murali : Vice President
  • Sri T.K.Varadarajan : Vice President
  • Sri G. Shanker : Hon. Secretary
  • Sri Vepa Krishna : Hon. Treasurer
  • Dr. M.S. Ananth : Member
  • Smt. Lakshmi Balasubramanian : Member
  • Smt. Roopa Nagarajan : Member
  • Smt. Uma Shanker : Member
  • Smt. Prabha Sridevan : Member
  • Ms. Shreya Singh : Member